Essential Resources for Apple Eaters and Apple Drinkers

If you are a regular consumer of apples, in solid or liquid form, there are a few web resources that will enhance your apple eating and drinking enjoyment.  These are my favorite blogs, websites, and facebook and twitter feeds. They help me know what I need to know about the apples I consume.


Opal apple from Adam's Apples blog

Opal apple from Adam’s Apples blog

Adam’s Apples.  Adam likes apples, both old ones and new ones. He lives in Arlington, Massachusetts, and he seeks out fresh apples wherever he can find them, takes pretty pictures of them and then tells you what he thinks in an opinionated catalog of apple reviews.  When I find myself at a fruit stand, farmer’s market, or grocery store, and I encounter an apple variety I have never tasted, Adam’s Apples is one of the sites I search on my smart phone for information about that particular apple.  And I generally find his opinions spot on.

The Fruit Gardener.  This blog is a relative newcomer, but in its year of existence, its author has been very productive, offering up a wide range of reviews of apples, all with pictures of the interior and the

Ashmead's Kernel from the Fruit Gardener Blog

Ashmead’s Kernel from the Fruit Gardener Blog

exterior of the fruit.  The blogger’s name is Eric, and he hails from New York state.  And he has his own wonderful little apple rating system, running from 10: “Perfection. No discernible flaws including cultivation” down to 1: “Useless. Cardboard. Couldn’t hit the ocean standing on the beach.”  Eric comments on shape, skin, flesh, and taste, and also commonly offers comments on how well the particular apple holds up after picking, which is important information since many varieties often taste better a month or two after picking than they do right off the tree.

Logo of the Orange Pippin website.

Logo of the Orange Pippin website.

Orange Pippin.  This website offers a motherlode of information for both apple eaters and apple growers, and is nearly global in its reach, offering information about apples and orchards in most of the world’s important apple growing regions.  Orange Pippin includes over 600 reviews of apple varieties, including many of the newest.  Also of value is its orchard registry, which maps out orchards on google maps.  A valuable resource for anyone seeking an orchard to visit, but be warned that it is not up to date.  Many of the listed orchards in my home state of Ohio are sadly no longer in existence.  The registry typically includes phone numbers, so call ahead.

bittersharplogoBittersharp.  Bittersharp is a regular contributor to the serious eats website, and has vast and up-to-date knowledge about the plethora of American craft ciders that have sprung up across the nation in the last decade.  You can follow him on Facebook, and his twitter feed @bittersharp.  If you want to know what’s new and great in cider, look to Bittersharp.

United States of Cider/Hello Cider.  The blog for United States of Cider is relatively

US Department of Agriculture's water color collections.

US Department of Agriculture’s water color collections.

new, and offers many lovely illustrations of old apple varieties from the US Department of Agriculture’s collection along with some reviews.  The @Hellocider twitterfeed is invaluable for keeping up with the latest news on cider.  @Hellocider seems to catch and share every cider-related news story out there, so if you want to keep up with the fast moving developments in the cider world, you need to follow this twitterfeed.

A Life of Apples. This blog has not been updated in a few years.  But it is a wonderful photo diary of an apple picker named Chris. A very nice read.

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  1. Thank you for the mention. I am honored to see my blog in there with the other websites. Look for more content soon, once the growing season starts.


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